Google Drive Letter Changed – How To Change It Back

Today started with a shock: As I wanted to start working, my shortlinks to folders on the Google drive weren’t working anymore. Consequently I checked if Google Drive was running and yes, it was, but the Google drive letter was changed by Google Drive (obviously after an update).

I was almost hyperventilating as this would have changed hundrets to thousands of shortlinks I’m using on different computers and mobile devices, and started to look for solutions. The only reasonable one I found in a hurry was this one by Google, but it didn’t work (neither after restarting my computer). Maybe because I’m using 2 accounts (online disks) within the Google Drive program – a professional one (which always had the fitting drive letter G), and a private one (which had the also for me personally nice drive letter H).

Also changing the drive letter via Windows seemed like a bad and complicated workaround, so I checked the drive settings again, and – HURRAY! – I found the solution:

  1. In your task bar, click on the Google Drive symbol
  2. On the top right, click on the settings symbol
  3. In the upcoming context menu, click „settings“ again
  4. Then, once again, click the settings symbol in the upcoming window (this unlogical and complicated repeated clicking probably had kept me so far from ever seeing the settings mentioned below…)
  5. Up comes a window which allows different settings like also changing the drive letter (per account you’re using)

I hope this helps some of you to avoid a heart attack while starting into a new week!

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