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Why care about privacy?

[img:19s36qh6″[/img:19s36qh6″>[/url:19s36qh6″>Why should one try to keep control over private data, especially online? Some good reasons:

People (especially work colleagues) like to talk about other people and put them in a box, preferably in a box that is smaller than their own box

Companies are researching online on applicants and a small negative finding on yourself (even if it’s from your past) can make the big difference. Not because companies are generelly bad and silly, but because it’s simply natural and necessary that people are reducing (do have a selective perception)

In less democratic countries the state can be very interested in your personal data and use it against you for whatever reason

Once online, personal data is very hard to delete again, especially if it’s distributed by public sites, applications or other persons

The less information that is available on you, the more freedom you have to „construct yourself“ from time to time or from situation to situation and thereby make yourself, your life and your options more diversified

But for sure there are also reasons to make some personal information, at least for a selected audience, „publicly“ available. Like for example when you’re searching for a partner online.

So the good path will be somewhere in between[/url:19s36qh6″> the completely public sharing of personal information and no sharing. In terms of the online world it might be sharing some personal information, yes, but always just with a specific audience and while at the same time keeping control over it, that is to say, maintain the possibility to modify or delete information.

Compare: Facebook Security Guide[/url:19s36qh6″>

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