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Facebook Security Guide

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{L_IMAGE}This short guide is meant for Facebook beginners who want to communicate and keep contact with friends while at the same time maintain control over their private data (as far as this is possible with Facebook). In order to do so, follow these steps:

1. Sign up with a wrong (or at least uncomplete) name
2. Don't put a profile photo of yourself
3. Don't fill in publicly visible profile data like interests and don't use functions like commenting the status of other users or sites
4. Create a friendlist for trustworthy or "real" friends
5. Publish only with functions (like status updates) where you can selet the audience (like the list created in step 4)
6. Put your privacy seetings to the most secure level
7. Don't publish anything that could create problems with your company or family, even though you follow step 5. Facebook might always change privacy settings so that all data is suddenly public.
8. Be aware that, as mentioned before, Facebook might always change privacy seetings and thereby make your data public (and this guide out of date).

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